About Us

A wife, a mother, a great career; I thought I had it all.  Then one day I took the blinders off and saw I was really in an ugly place. During my awakening, makeup helped me get to my place of healing and to create the person other people saw in me. Lipstick and eyeshadows showed me something different.  They inspired a plan of action that helped me to take control, become self-sufficient, and wake-up. L'Rouge Beauty gave me the courage to be me.  I found my voice became stronger, impactful and limitless. 


Our color palette ranges from traditional reds and nudes to confident statements like green and sky blue. Our product names make each L'Rouge beauty member feel that they are put on: Badass, Unstoppable, Powerful, Feisty, and Jaw-Dropping.


There is an old saying, "You attract what you are." I hope that each of our members feel that they are awe-inspiring, glowing with inner-beauty, and absolutely mind-blowing, whether on a grocery store run, a hot date or just looking in the mirror admiring their reflection. This brand is about hope and strength, the belief that a tube of lipstick can really transform you. Lipstick and eyeshadow can bring us together, no matter our physical, aesthetic, and cultural differences may be.


So be inspired, practice self-love.  Let L'Rouge Beauty help you rise above.