About Us

l’Rouge beauty is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that exists to help change the way you think about beauty.  In today’s “virtual bully” culture; there is always someone, some group(s), an internet blog, social media posts or podcast show host broadcasting their biased definition of beauty.  l’Rouge wants you to define your own beauty standard.  Your face is a beautiful canvas, our products will only compliment that fact.

l’Rouge beauty was birthed out of the unyielding truth that is-all of us have already or will endure an unforgettable heartbreak during our lifetime.  The courage to believe and share our hearts again is often found in how beautiful we feel at any given time.  These beautiful yet different looks all have a different story to tell.

People have used makeup to mask the scars of the broken heart both literally and figuratively for centuries.  l’Rouge understands, we see you and we’ve created products to encourage you to keep shining.  We are so proud of your courage to keep showing up-beautifully.

l’Rouge beauty wants to be in a forever relationship with you.   Let’s date, get to know each other and build something that lasts forever.

Our bold effect lipsticks are bold in color and offer something different, yet exotic; just like dating…..Swipe Right!

Our liquid to matte lipsticks are long wearing, goes on liquid smooth and dries down to a velvety, matte finish.  The matte finish is remnant of a long term relationship-it has staying power.

l’Rouge beauty………… Love Again.