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Ambition Pink Face Lip & Body Glitter

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Ambition Pink Body Glitter is so unapologetically you. It's disco-ready, it's obnoxiously glittery and has the most perfect shade of pink. Both ladies making power moves and chicks that dream deeply alike will love this metallic body glitter that can be worn with anything day or night!

Your eyes will never be the same after an Ambition Pink Face Glitter as an eyeshadow. This glitter eyeshadow has a multi-reflective light pink finish with little gold specks that dazzle in any light.

Dazzle yourself with the sparkle of Ambition Pink Body Glitter. It is an absolute must-have, providing complete glamour on your arms, neckline and eyelids. This glitter is easy to use as loose glitter for an overstated look or over your favorite lipstick.

A wink of glitter on top of your favorite lip color will help you accentuate that fresh pout!