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Breathtaking Green Face & Body Glitter

L'Rouge Beauty
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Is your makeup looking a little flat these days? Well, I have just the thing for you! You are going to love our Breathtaking green face and body glitter. Give yourself some serious dazzle with the addition of a green eyeshadow glitter to any makeup look. From head to toe, breathe life into your makeup routine and add this awe-inspiring shade of green rejuvenation! Our green makeup glitter is not only jaw-droppingly beautiful but also surprisingly long-lasting due to its stunning particle size distribution which stays put all day. Stop feeling stale and give yourselves a point of interest - get glowing today with gorgeous color that goes on every light and lasts every night.

Never succumb to invisibility. With Breathtaking Green Body Glitter, the party is your oyster and everyone will want you to come in with your marvelous green hue!