Fiesty Light Gold Face Lip & Body Glitter - l’Rouge beauty

Fiesty Light Gold Face Lip & Body Glitter

L'Rouge beauty
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"This is the new way to glitter and shimmer for this new era. Fiesty Light Gold Face and Body Glitter will make your eyes light up even brighter than they already do, add a smile to your face, and feel like you're taking on anything that comes your way! Wear this light gold glitter for the face proudly swept across your eyelids or in small doses on your arms and chest. This great sparkle of rich twinkling gold has been designed for an effortlessly styled lush appeal with little fallout so people can still get close to you without getting bombarded by bright flecks of silver pixie dust.

Like the stars in the sky come to life, there is nothing quite like using our light gold glitter for the face. This happy light gold body glitter will have everything from heads turning to eyes wide open with amazement! This vibrant light gold glitter will also give your lips a long-lasting luster or provide an all-over sparkling shimmer, depending on what you are looking for. These pretty little flecks of light gold yellow create a stunning appearance as a face glitter."