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Motivation Purple Face Lip & Body Glitter

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You might be feeling a little overworked and need to amp up the glam. Enter Motivation Purple Face and Body Glitter! With this product, any outfit can become even more electrifying and full of glee! It's especially motivating when used as a purple glitter eyeshadow or on top of my lipstick – the results are positively magical. A beautiful purple body glitter put on a mesmerizing display, giving off a fantastic accent to anywhere you put it. Let the hypnotizing shine light up your day at work, or play with this stunning work of genius!

Confidence is what you make it! Mix Motivation Purple Face and Body Glitter with your favorite lip gloss or body lotion for a fun take on an everyday look. To finish your entire outfit, mix the glitter onto your cheeks for beguiling gorgeousness.