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Unstoppable Yellow Face Lip & Body Glitter

L'Rouge Beauty
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Unstoppable Yellow Body Glitter is fantastic for adding a little bit of sparkle and dazzle to your face! Use it as an eyeshadow, lip gloss or on your cheekbones. Unstoppable Yellow Body and Face glitter would be perfect for highlighting as a loose glitter for the eyes or a loose glitter for the lips - but wait, don't stop there. It also works as a fun accessory on your arms and neckline.

This yellow face glitter is for those of you who need some sparkle and shine added to your eye or lip looks. We're thrilled that this color stands out and grabs your attention. It's bold and radiantly beautiful. This magical loose glitter brings absolute power to your look - it can help you create pure glamour with our high-shine lip gloss or accentuate the darkness of any nuanced eye shadow palette.

Wondering why we chose yellow? Believe it or not, yellow is a bright happy color on its own accord; no wonder we're tearing up at the thought of how happy we'll make everyone when we release this beauty into the world.